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Coaching & Mentoring

Relying on principles of holistic Aboriginal Social Emotional Wellbeing, this is a meaningful space for leaders to develop their leadership competencies with a former Counsellor and Executive Direction. A safe and sacred space for any person managing staff who is feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, and systems to manage the day to day demands of people management.


Every client is different, but some here are some of the various outcomes clients typically strive for : 

  • Learn to declutter the mind and become more productive at work and at home. 

  • Develop project management and productivity systems . 

  • Understand personality types and transform leadership style. 

  • Learn about toxic and chronic stress and develop mindfulness techniques to stay more grounded at work.

  • Gain clarity about limiting beliefs and how they impact the mindset. 

  • Implement nourishing, sustainable practices to avoid burnout.

  • Provide effective tools to facilitate safe, valuable and culturally informed conversations in the workforce. 

  • Unpack and draw on external and internal resources.

  • Build cohesion, safety and trust amongst teams.

  • Put systems in place for teams to work well together.

What participants receive: 

  • A safe and sacred space

  • 6 x 1 -hour Zoom video coaching sessions

  • 1 x Personalised Trello board to goal track and action steps in between sessions

  • An initial questionnaire to get clarity on your vision + a 30-minute discovery and goal setting

  • Accountability checks to stay in action and avoid getting stuck

  • 6x session recordings so you can keep track of learnings and insights

  • Guided meditations of grounded and support

  • Customised resources , worksheets and tools to assist your growth and fast track clarity and success

  • UNLIMITED accountability, hype women and email support 

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