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To support the continuing development of leaders and teams, Blak Wattle provides a number of masterclasses on topics such as:

  • ‘Leading through deep listening: how to give and receive feedback’ 

  • ‘Understanding Burnout: understanding stories of self + developing self-care strategies’

Blak Wattle also delivers a four week program titled 'Blak Burnout' for any First Nations person, or those managing First Nations staff. A highly regarded holistic four -week program for leaders and business owners to understand burnout, in response to the overwhelming response of Blak Wattle clients who were experiencing chronic stress and fatigue. Supported by workbook and targeted learnings .


Over the course of the four weeks, participants learn holistic strategies to manage stress and to close the stress cycle. These areas include understanding; connection to self, other and the environment; connection to food, mood and movement; connection to your capacity, learning to say no and connection to your nervous system.

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