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strategic planning & Change management

We recognise at the heart of each organisation’s culture, is their why, their strategic and operational plan. Whilst there is no universally agreed strategic planning process. Blak Wattle’s process focuses on working with stakeholders to understand the transformative power of story and value setting to mobilise change.


Blak Wattle helps organisations define a bold vision for their future, and where they intend to play to win, and creates a plan with objectives, goals and desired staff attributes to reach that future.

Taking a three staged approach, Blak Wattle helps organisations reimagine their future using the following steps:

  • Inspire – what does industry and sector specific research and evidence suggest

  • Connect – Engage and consult with leaders and change makers to mobilise change, and define what tools and attributes staff, and the organisation will need to cultivate a new future

  • Design and Test – develop and test a strategic plan prototype. 

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