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Since launching Blak Wattle November 2020, we have partnered with many varied clients and organisations. From social enterprises, grassroots organisations, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to government and non-government organisations. We are a dynamic and insightful team with proven experience increasing performance in teams to drive outcomes. We utilise the power of data, evidence, and Aboriginal knowledge systems such as, deep listening, two-way learning, reciprocity, and storytelling to transform your organisation and leadership style by helping staff feel more connected and aligned to reduce burnout.

strategic planning & Change management

We recognise at the heart of each organisation’s culture, is their why, their strategic and operational plan. Whilst there is no universally agreed strategic planning process. Blak Wattle’s process focuses on working with stakeholders to understand the transformative power of story and value setting to mobilise change.


Blak Wattle helps organisations define a bold vision for their future, where they intend to play to win, and creates a plan with objectives, goals and desired staff attributes to reach that future.


workshop facillitation &emcee support

Blak Wattle is highly skilled when it comes to providing tailored and thought-provoking workshops, yarning circles, dialogues and discussions. We take pride in coordinating safe and meaningful conversations that rely on ancient Aboriginal knowledge systems of deep listening, reciprocity and respect. 



To support the continuing development of leaders and teams, Blak Wattle provides a number of masterclasses on topics such as:

  • ‘Leading through deep listening: how to give and receive feedback’ 

  • ‘Understanding Burnout: understanding stories of self + developing self-care strategies’



Relying on principles of holistic Aboriginal social emotional wellbeing, this is a meaningful space for leaders to develop their leadership competencies with a former Counsellor and Executive Director.


A safe and sacred space for any person managing staff who is feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, and is seeking tools to manage the day to day demands of people management.



Blak Wattle is highly skilled in the areas of Aboriginal health, Aboriginal social emotional wellbeing, and community-based health responses, with extensive and proven experience delivering co-design solutions in policy design and in a therapeutic environment.


Team building

Blak Wattle prides itself on facilitating joy and meaning through deep connections and we offer a series of formal and informal tailored team building solutions.


Team building helps to create cohesion and connectivity in the workplace, to strengthen teams in working towards their collective goals.



Caroline was just remarkable - she was such a powerful, insightful, gorgeous storyteller. Our team was captivated for the entire session, and felt privileged to have spent the time learning about her story, family and lived experiences as a First Nations woman. We highly recommend her workshops for any businesses that want to engage in cultural awareness training. We look forward to engaging Blak Wattle deep into the future, as we see this as only the beginning -

- Michelle, Shameless Media

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